He’s cool, he’s fly,
and he’s back!

Now presenting the Ultra Link&Win, with expanded reels that feature 3 frozen rows that, when unlocked, open space for more cash prizes to land and increase the value of all Jackpots. Spin the reels until no more symbols land to win the sum of all cash prizes or until the reels are full for a chance to win the Epic Jackpot!

All the shiny Bonus coins that land on the reels are collected on the Bonus Progress Bar, and when it’s filled, the Penguin will give you a chance to spin the Bling Bling Bonus Wheel with prizes up to 10,000x bet!

For a complete tropical experience, trigger Free Spins and play the Lucky Tubing bonus to win up to 30 free spins! Not satisfied with your results? Gamble your Free Spins and go tubing again for a chance to win more Free Spins or a random instant prize!

Whenever symbols freeze on the reels, simply Break The Ice to reveal special feature trigger symbols! Whenever Penguin breaks the ice, Bonus or Free Spins symbols appear in place of the frozen symbols, triggering the special features.

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