Creativity, innovation, magic

We promote a magical experience with exciting gameplays!


Our focus is on innovative and creative games that call the players' attention, bringing an original and advanced design touch with new challenging features to create exciting gameplays without forgetting a smooth performance on different devices.

immersive, smooth


Our games are focused on a mobile-first approach to bring the best game experience to our players.


We win when everyone wins. We know how time is valuable! And a fast loading time is a priority when it comes to designing our games.

Immersive gameplay

Magic does not come out of the blue. It is built through hard work and attention to detail. It takes exceptional artwork, sound, interactions, movement, stories, and mechanics to deliver excitement to the players.

It's all in the details

Get to know our games

In this vibrant world, luscious fruits and high-speed blenders collide to create kaleidoscopes of beautiful wins!

Take advantage of the Freya’s favor and become worthy of powerful treasures in a mythical magic experience!

Get behind bars in this maximum-security prison with incredible rewards. It’s payout time, and it’s now or never!



We are a new company with a lot of experience, built by a team of young and original minds and experienced people from the industry of games.
We are here to cross cultures and countries, from Brazil to Israel. Since the beginning, our goal is to encourage creative freedom, pushing the limits, and overcoming obstacles to achieve a new world. We set our direction to do the unexpected, to be inventive, and finally enjoy something enlightening and exceptional.
We are full of original ideas and we put innovation first. Our creativity is fostered by a culture of never conforming to the status quo, looking for inspiration where others don’t look, and valuing ideas.

from latin america
with love

We are a unique company created with South American roots and an international creative group.
We are on a mission to deliver excitement and entertainment.
We make sure to do justice to our Latin American roots by emanating warmth and passion. With that strong combination as inspiration, we seek to rescue in our games the history and tradition while looking for innovative and creative ways of gameplay that attract the players.

New Website for INO Games

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Here you’ll find all of the latest information on our games, new partnerships and

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